Whether you want to be more on top of investing for retirement or you just want to master wealth management strategies, it’s always nice to have some extra help. That’s why Chuck Price put together a list of investment tools he recommends to help you become a better investor. Learn more about each tool below!

Investopedia University

Where do you go to learn the jargon of the investing world? How about Investopedia University? It’s like a glossary and an investing curriculum all rolled into one. Here are just a few highlights of the opportunities for learning on this site:

  • All about inflation
  • Basics of technical analysis
  • Dow Theory
  • Introduction to annuities
  • Mutual fund basics tutorial
  • Value investing

If there’s any aspect of investing that you’re just a bit fuzzy about, head on over to Investopedia and see if they can help with this handy investment resource.


More than just a single tool, Investor.gov is like an investor toolkit, complete with a range of everything from calculators to quizzes and more. You can test your knowledge with one of their quizzes, check a compound interest calculation, or fill out some handy worksheets about your finances to help you make wiser investment decisions.

Personal Capital

Have you ever wanted to see at a glance what you’re invested in, or how your portfolio is performing? Have you wanted to see how your portfolio’s performance compares to that of the stock market index as a whole? There’s a totally free online tool called Personal Capital that syncs with your actual investment accounts and converts that information into easy-to-read graphs and statistics to track your asset allocation and performance, as well as analyze the fees you’re paying.

Investment Research at TheStreet

How do you know if you’re picking the right investments and the right asset allocation? One way to tell is to check TheStreet and see what the analysts are saying. You can evaluate investments using their proprietary models, basing your decisions on trends, dividends, technicals, and key events that impact the long-term viability of different investments.

Investing Simplified Book

The ultimate investment tool is actually Chuck Price’s Investing Simplified book. How would you like to invest in a book that would give you a return of 1000 percent? With his book, Chuck Price lays out key information about investing and other topics that directly relate to your investing and wealth management success, including:

  • Taxes
  • Retirement Plans
  • Health Insurance
  • Social Security
  • Estate Planning

You can be privy to the same insider investment techniques and methods that have made so many people wealthy before you. While you’re benefiting from the financial and investing secrets packed in this book, veterans will benefit too, as $1 from every sale will be donated to the Wounded Warrior project.

There’s never been a better time to invest in your investment knowledge. It all starts with Investing Simplified by Chuck Price, Chuck Price!

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